Your regular contribution to the budget (your tithe) makes ministries of First Baptist possible. We highlight these ministries once a month throughout the year.

Embracing Neighborly Hospitality

     Imagine yourself in this scenario. You recently relocated to Griffin for a job. After a few weeks, the “newness” of the experience has worn off. You still don’t know a soul in the area, and you find yourself longing for a friendly face — for someone or something that will remind you of home. There’s a gentle nudge in your spirit to give the local church a try, but you have so many reservations about doing so. What if they give you the cold shoulder? Or, how awkward would it be if you encountered a room full of fake smiles and greetings only to find you were still isolated in the room? Is it really worth the effort and the potential let down? If you make it to the doors of First Baptist Griffin, what kind of welcome will you find there? 

     Did you know that we have an extensive Welcome Ministry at FBC Griffin? On any given Sunday, some of the 64 dedicated volunteers from this ministry share in the joy of making others feel like they belong at our church. You also have a role if you contribute to our monthly budget. Let’s take a look at that point.

     The beautiful buildings of FBC Griffin can look more like an intimidating maze to a newcomer.. The Welcome Host stands at the door to help reduce the anxiety of navigating a large, new space.  Your contribution to our regular budget ensures that this ministry is equipped to offer a campus map to guests so they will know how to locate our worship spaces, Sunday school classrooms, restrooms, and more. Hosts can also give guests a small gift that makes them feel welcome and reminds them of their experience. 

     Not long after meeting the Welcome Host, a guest will encouter a Greeter at the entrance to the worship service. These greeters offer guests a worship bulletin, help them connect with regular attenders, and answer additional questions before service begins. 

     While we hope a guest’s experience alone is enough to motivate their return, we also realize that people sense they are valued when we go the extra mile to invite them back. Again, you make this possible through your regular giving, because your tithe helps us send guests a welcoming letter, information about our church, and even coupons for a coffeehouse treat or a Wednesday meal. Guests will also be contacted by our Assimilation team, who make every effort to visit guests and invite them to learn more about the ministries of FBC.

     Ultimately, the Welcome Ministry is about embodying the love of Christ in every interaction and creating a welcoming environment where all can experience the transformative power of God’s grace. Let’s continue to give generously, knowing that our contributions are making a tangible difference in the lives of others and advancing God’s kingdom here on earth.


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