Pray for Local Mission Efforts

     The month of May is the annual time for FBC Griffin’s Church Mission Offering. This is one of the primary sources of funds used to support local mission projects in the church, city, and state. In the past, we have used this money to establish our church’s Community Garden, to partner with other churches and non-profits to retrofit a bus into a mobile grocery store in Sumter County, to support first-time college students from Griffin-Spalding County Schools, to support the Opportunity Community project which is addressing generational poverty in our community, and to provide funds for various mission projects that have been a part of our annual women’s ministry retreat.

     As you’ve heard our pastor say time and again, we hear at First Baptist believe in a grace that gives generously. God has called us to use our resources to make a difference for the Kingdom of God throughout Griffin and Spalding County. During the next few weeks, you will see articles emphasizing some of these past projects and giving more information about how your generosity is making a difference. Please consider how God is calling you to give above and beyond your regular tithe to partner with us this year through the Church Mission Offering. You can do so online or by marking the appropriate space on your giving envelope.

Thank you!

Michelle Norris, Chair of Mission Council

Guess what? FBC will send Steven Norris to Uganda for three weeks to help lead a fine arts camp with Francis Angalla. Please be in prayer for his health, travel, and work while away from us.

FBC is also supporting mission work by Gavin Duncan and Adam Pugh in Africa this summer. Gavin’s nursing cohort at Berry College will be spending two weeks in Kenya as part of their training. Following that time, Adam and Gavin will travel to Uganda and spend the rest of the summer working there with the school, in outreach to local villages, and in leadership development.

The FBC Mission Offering helps support the FBC Community Garden, Five Loaves and Two Fish Food Pantry, Spalding Samaritans, Abundant Life Soup Kitchen, among many other ministry efforts. Please consider donating your time, talents, and money.

A BETTER WAY MOBILE GROCERY STORE, providing fresh fruits, vegetables and meats from local farmers, has now come to the “food deserts” of Sumter County, Georgia, thanks to your generous gifts to our CHURCH MISSION OFFERING.  In 2021 our church was able to provide $5,000 seed money to help purchase, equip, and stock a bus that can travel to enclaves of Sumter County with no access to grocery stores other than small food marts selling junk food.  The overall cost of this project was $28,000.  The bus in now rolling through Sumter County, serving the underserved with increased food access.  Your continued generous donations in May (and beyond) help the Mission Council respond to projects like this in Georgia and beyond.

Women’s Retreat

  One of the many ministries supported through the Church Missions budget includes the Women’s Retreat. This event occurs in October each year and offers ladies an opportunity to step aside from busy schedules in order to renew their minds in a deeper study of God’s word. While on retreat, they build and strengthen friendships, and they leave with prayer partners for the upcoming year. In the past, the women on the retreat have made gifts like blankets, bath salts, and dry soup mixes as a mission project to share with ladies in the LifeSong Ministry. 

Community Garden

     When most people think of mission work, they think of digging wells in Africa, building hospitals in Haiti, or helping to rebuild after a hurricane in Florida. While it doesn’t get the same attention, First Baptist is also involved in mission work right here in Griffin. The next time you park across the street from the Family Life Building, look inside the picket fence. Inside you’ll see one of our church missions growing right in front of you.

     Since March of 2017, the First Baptist Community Garden has been growing fresh vegetables and flowers for our community. I have had the privilege of leading this mission since early 2019, but I haven’t done it alone. Dozens of volunteers have helped us grow tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, okra, eggplant, beans, peas and watermelons in the spring and summer. In the fall, we grow ca
bbage, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. These vegetables are delivered to Five Loaves Food Pantry and Abundant Life Soup Kitchen where they provide healthy meals to members of our community in need.

     The Community Garden is funded through the Church Mission Offering being collected this May. Your support is vital to sustaining this local mission as it allows us to buy the plants, seeds, fertilizer, and other supplies needed to keep the garden growing.

     You can also support the Community Garden by volunteering your time. You don’t have to have a green thumb to help- we’ll be glad to teach you. It is a great way to get kids involved in mission work and to teach them the importance of serving others. You can sign up to volunteer at

     “Let’s not get tired of doing good, because in time we’ll have a harvest if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9

 — Patrick Shepherd, Leader on Community Garden Team

Your FBC mission donations help fund the local Five Loaves and two Fish food pantry. Five Loaves and Two Fish serve thousands of people in our community each year.  This is a non-profit organization committed to helping those in need in Spalding County with groceries and other non-perishable items. Five Loaves relies heavily on volunteers and donations.  Take a look at the site and find out how you can get involved or call the FBC office for more information about this ministry .  Five Loaves and Two Fish

Please consider contributing to the FBC May Mission Offering this month to help support Five Loaves and Two Fish, as well as other projects in Griffin, Georgia, and around the world.


Can You Help?

The Abundant Life Soup Kitchen is operated at Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church each weekday morning to provide a noon meal to the hungry and hurting in the Griffin Community.

FBC partners with The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in ministry. Their ministries service the 301 counties of persistent poverty in rural America.