Which entrance to the church should I use?

There are multiple entrances to our church facilities, and the best one to use will be influenced by your family situation or destination. All entrances are open on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Access may be limited during the week.

The most commonly used entrance is the Welcome Center on Hill Street. Entering here will give you easiest access to the Sanctuary, Bramblett Chapel, education and meeting spaces, and the Church Offices.

For entrance to the Family Life Center, including Morgan Hall, the doors under the covered driveway on Eighth Street are most convenient.

If you wish to visit the Preschool Building or Weekday Education enter through the covered driveway on Poplar Street.

Additionally, passenger drop-off on the west side of the Sanctuary can be used for access to the Sanctuary, Chapel, Church Offices, and education and meeting spaces.

What is the Sunday Schedule?

A complete schedule of the Sunday services are listed on our Worship Services page. Additionally, Bible studies for all ages take place throughout the church campus at 10:15 a.m.

What about Sunday School classes?

We offer a wide variety of Sunday School classes for children, youth, and adults in all stages of life.  Our preschool, children, and youth are in classes based upon their age.  Adult classes are primarily based upon life stages. All of these groups meet on Sunday mornings at 10:15. You are encouraged to visit the Sunday School Information Desk in Grand Central (by the coffee station and elevator) for information about all Sunday School classes and locations.

What should we wear? What do others wear on Sunday mornings?

Good questions. At First Baptist, you will find a variety of dress styles. There are many people who like to dress up and there are many who like to be more casual in their dress. You will see nice suits all the way to jeans. So we would encourage you to dress as you are used to in other churches or what ever makes you comfortable.

Where can I park?

As with many downtown churches, parking is available but not always immediately visible. Consult this map to find the best place to park based on which part of the church campus you plan to visit.

Is childcare available during worship services?

Yes, childcare is available during both 9:00 and 11:15 a.m. Sunday morning services for infants and children through age 3.  Our Worship Care provides a nurturing atmosphere for children during worship. 

How do I join your church?

First Baptist Church Griffin welcomes everyone to be part of worship, Bible study, Wednesday night activities and any of our weekday activities. If however, you want to officially “join” our congregation, we accept members in the following ways:

We accept persons who want to become a believer in Jesus Christ and follow Christ by baptism by immersion. We’ll talk with you about this, make sure you understand its meaning, and then schedule your baptism.

We accept persons who are already part of another Baptist church and want to move their membership to our congregation. You can make this known to the pastor at the end of a worship service or at other times as scheduled. At that time, we’ll then introduce you to the church and then write your former church and tell them you’ve joined our congregation.

We accept persons who have become believers in Christ in another faith tradition, have experienced baptism in that congregation and now want to become a member here. You can make this known to the pastor at the end of worship or at other times as scheduled. We’ll introduce you to the church and then write your former church and let them know you’ve joined our congregation.

Which service should I attend?

In order to provide an opportunity for a variety of worship expressions at various times, First Baptist offers five worship services every Sunday. Find the style and time that best fits your needs. Visit our Worship Services page for our Sunday morning schedule and descriptions of each service.

What about the Wednesday night schedule?

Wednesday nights at First Baptist are filled with fellowship, music, and Bible Study. At 6:00 p.m. Bible studies, LifeGroups, Kids Quest, and student ministry take place throughout the church campus. At 7:00 the Sanctuary Choir rehearses in the Music Suite.