Blanche Tyus Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was created by Morgan Frank Smith in memory of his wife, Blanche. Preference is given to students attending Truett McConnell, Brewton Parker, and Shorter University, but not restricted to awarding only students attending these schools. There are no stipulations on field of study.

Jones Seminary Scholarship Fund

Established by Sara Cheatham in memory of her father, “Parson” Jones, this scholarship was intended for individuals pursuing a degree in an area of the ministry or other Christian education approved by the Board of Deacons.

Wynne Patterson Scholarship

Mrs. Nell Wynne created this scholarship in the name of her granddaughter, Wynne Patterson. Recipients must attend a Baptist college or university.

Joiner-Bates Scholarship

This scholarship is the result of combining the Joiner Scholarship and The Dena Bates Scholarship. Sara Joiner established the Joiner Scholarship in memory of her husband, W.L. Joiner, to fund this religious scholarship. The Dena Bates Scholarship was created in memory of Dena Bates, and was intended for recipients’ educations in service-oriented vocations such as counseling, medicine, ministry, or similar fields. Upon combining these scholarships, the Joiner family agreed to broaden its terms to match the Bates Scholarship.

Otis D. Blake Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Blake Scholarship is established in memory of Otis D. Blake, Jr., by his wife, Nancy B. Blake, and their family. The purpose of this scholarship is only to meet the need of a deserving student or students who would find it difficult to earn an undergraduate degree without financial assistance. This scholarship from his family honors his desire for deserving individuals to at least have an opportunity to use their gifts to the fullest extent by acquiring an education which he believed would strengthen family, church, community, and nation.

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