Beliefs & Values

A Church of Choices

We have intentionally defined ourselves as a “church of choices.” We choose to be Baptist by tradition and Christ-centered by conviction. We take the Bible seriously but not always literally. The life and teachings of Jesus are the central focus of our faith. We are a moderate Baptist church and relate in terms of missions and support both to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Southern Baptist Convention. 

We recognize that people have different needs and often different ways of looking at things. Therefore, we provide a variety of worship choices on Sunday. Those opportunities include a variety of times, styles, and abilities.

Choice is important to our heritage as Baptists as well. Birthed in a time when differences from other Protestant groups were grounds for cruelty, banishment, and even jail, Baptists became champions of religious freedom and were the leading proponents of the need to disentangle the confession of religious faith from political loyalties and power. This tendency to judge another person’s beliefs by your own life experiences and personal sense of faith is also part of the religious culture of our times. Accordingly, we at First Baptist seek to chart a middle course between the issues that polarize people in our time.  We certainly have members with different perspectives on virtually every issue, but we choose to allow respect and friendship to hold us all together. 

We trust that God is at work in the lives of those who come to us.We believe that through the sharing of our life-stories and the confession of our biblical understandings, we are able to continue to learn from one another and develop into more Christ-like followers. This is made possible by our deep sense that faith is more caught than taught. God meets us to change our behavior into more gracious, forgiving, and accepting people where the gospel is truly good news.

We choose to welcome women as full partners in ministry and in leadership. Both men and women serve as deacons and ordained ministers of the gospel as well as every level of leadership in this congregation.

We find little choice in Jesus’ call to serve others, whether those in our community who struggle to make ends meet or those in places like Nicaragua, Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, South Dakota, and Kentucky.

Whether you are visiting Griffin, are new to the community, or are a life-long resident, we hope you will choose to spend some time with us. May God lead you to find those places and people who will be a family to you and walk with you in the joys and challenges of your life.

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