Adult Ministry

The aim of Adult Ministries of First Baptist Church is to provide an environment that encourages and equips adults of all ages to fully live out their faith in daily life. The Adult Faith Journey  is a life-long process of seeking and maintaining a relationship with God by becoming more and more like Christ in beliefs (orthodoxy) and behaviors (orthopraxy).  This life-long journey of spiritual formation is expressed through Knowing Christ, Growing in Christ, and Showing Christ to Others.
For a current listing of adult Bible study classes which meet 9:45-10:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings, click on Sunday Morning Bible Study.  For more information about classes and to be escorted to the class of your choosing, stop by the Sunday School Information Desk in Grand Central (by elevator and coffee station) between 9:30-9:45 a.m.

LifeGroups Ministry

LifeGroups Ministry connects adults in meaningful relationships with one another at times other than Sunday mornings.  These groups are set up to do life together through studying God’s Word, caring for one another, serving together in ministry, and growing together in fellowship.  LifeGroups meet during the Spring and Fall semesters. Watch for more upcoming LifeGroup opportunities.

Senior Adult Ministry

The Senior Adult Ministry at First Baptist Church offers a monthly meeting, regularly scheduled day trips, and occasion multiday trips (bus tours, cruises, etc.)  XYZ (‘Xtra Years of Zest) is a monthly luncheon meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 11:30 a.m. in Morgan Hall of the Family Life Center, featuring a short informative program, lunch, reports, and door prizes.  Reservations for lunch ($6 payable at the door) are requested by noon on the Friday preceding the Tuesday meeting.  Reservations can be made by calling the church office at 770.227.5517. All adults age 50+ are welcome.

Winter Bible Study

Adult Ministries sponsors a Winter Bible Study each year, with a visiting professor to offer in-depth study of a Bible book, passage, or theme.  Announcements of WBS will be placed on the website and in publications.

Adult Faith Journey

The Adult Faith Journey is a life-long process of seeking and maintaining a relationship with God by becoming more and more like Christ in beliefs and behaviors.  This life-long journey of growth and development as a Christian is expressed through Knowing Christ, Growing in Christ, and Showing Christ to Others.

Knowing Christ

  • Beginning the journey as a spiritual seeker
  • Committing one’s life to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Being baptized as an expression of one’s commitment to following Christ
  • Committing to meaningful membership in First Baptist Church
Growing in Christ

  • Cultivating one’s faith through regular participation in a small group Bible study on Sundays or during the week
  • Seeking to maintain a pattern of consistent participation in corporate worship experiences
  • Spending time daily with God through prayer and learning His Word
  • Practicing biblical stewardship by honoring God with one’s time, talents, and material resources
  • Using one’s spiritual gifts to serve in or through the church
  • Striving to live ethically before God and others
Showing Christ to Others

  • Committing to lifestyle evangelism: sharing Christ’s love in word and deed in the church community and beyond
  • Seeking a meaningful friendship with a person of another age group, gender or ethnicity
  • Encouraging or mentoring a fellow believer toward greater Christ-likeness
  • Committing to equip oneself for effective ministry leadership as God calls

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

Multi-Generational Adults
Chapel Class
Bramblett Chapel
Leader: Brian McCartney

F.R.E.S.H. Class
FLC Hospitality Room
Leaders: Rhonda Pierce, Jody Singletary, Alice Young

Focal Ages 25-40
Construction Class
Education Building 311
Leaders: Nicholas Bland (coordinator)
Focal Ages 40-50
High Voltage Class
Education Building 300D
Leaders: April English (coordinator), Alex Tatum
Focal Ages 50-65
Pathfinders Class
Education Building 307
Leaders: Melanie Gilmer, Janet Prothro, Linda Stewart

Long Class
Education Building 304-306
Leaders: Linda Long (coordinator), Bob Long

Winsome Class
Education Building 309
Leaders: Ann Fisher and Mary Beth Hargrove

Esther Class
Education Building 301A
Leaders: Diane Lamb (coordinator), Nancy Blake, Linda Chappell

The Brothers Class
Education Building 301B
Leaders: Pete Baldwin (coordinator), Bob Scroggins

Focal Ages 65+
Lydian Class
Education Building 106
Leaders: Shirley Presley (coordinator), Grace Hiers

Copeland Class
Education Building 108
Leaders: Melanie Gilmer, James, Johnston, Pat Scroggins, Kay Wideman

Morgan Class 
Education Building 104
Leader: Mary Ann Routh (coordinator), Joyce McCartney

Russell Class
Education Building 107
Leaders: Fred Roney (coordinator), Sam Stacy

Magna Class
Education Building 303
Leaders: Gail Hammock (coordinator), Linda Hayden, James Johnston

Bolton Class
Education Building 305
Leaders: Alvin Alexander, Ruth Alexander, James Johnston, Bruce Martin

Bramblett-Cheatham Class
FLC East Meeting Room
Leaders: Bill Harwell, Carl Richardson, Frank Robertson


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