We believe that each member of the body of Christ is gifted to serve in the kingdom of God. FBC Griffin has many established ministry teams, committees, and councils where individuals can serve according to their gifts.  We welcome a conversation with you about the best way you can use your talents in service at FBC. You will find a response button below where you can sign up for teams that are actively seeking volunteers.

We want to share your passion for ministering to others, so click “My Passion” today and tell us more about your interests. 

Administrative Teams (1-Year Term)

Chapel Garden: maintains the planting areas of the chapel plaza and garden. 

Communications / Public Relations: works with our communications personnel to promote the ministries and events of our church to our larger community through various platforms.  

Congregational Care:  seeks to connect with members that are not connected to a Sunday school class, small group, or ministry team through phone calls, texts, cards, etc. 

Counting: counts the Sunday offering each Monday morning. (Church membership required.) 

Decor: coordinates additions and changes to the interior and exterior of the church facilities and grounds. 

Library:  provides and promotes resources of all types for persons of all ages in our church and community. 

Ministerial Care:  affirms, supports, and encourages our ministers and their families throughout the year. 

Office Volunteers: answers phones and doors to assist the office staff throughout the week. 

Technology (church wide):  provides the technology infrastructure for our church office and church ministry areas. 

Transportation:  provides transportation of church members to church services on Sundays and other special occasions.  

Safety and Security Team: coordinates safety procedures and protocols for the church; patrols facilities during events to help meet needs related to safety. 

Fellowship Teams (1-Year Term)

Assimilation:  works to incorporate guests and new members fully into the life and ministries of our church. 

Assisted Living Visitation: provides regular visitation of our members in assisted living facilities.  

Card Writing: corresponds with persons listed on the weekly prayer list.  

Grief Care: makes contact with members who have recently lost loved ones and follows up with care in the months that follow a death.  

Homebound Visitation: team provides regular visitation of our members who are largely confined to their homes. 

Hospital Visitation:  provides regular visitation of our members when they are hospitalized or are in temporary rehabilitation. 

Nursing Home Visitation:  provides regular visitation of our members in nursing homes.  

ReCreation: plans and promotes church-wide activities that incorporate multiple age groups and oversees the ReCreation ministry in the FLC (gym, weight room, aerobics, etc.). 

Special Meals: decorates, sets tables, serves, and cleans up for special church-wide meals.  

Wedding: represents the church at weddings conducted at the church. (Church membership required). 

Wednesday Supper:  helps collect money and serve the Wednesday night meals at church. 

XYZ Planning Team: coordinates meals, programs, decorations, travel, and outreach for our XYZ group.  

Missions Teams (1-Year Term)

Abundant Life Soup Kitchen: helps serve the noon meal at the Abundant Life Soup Kitchen. 

Bereavement Meals: coordinates meals for families of church members who have recently experienced a death.  

Caregivers Benevolence:  counsels and provides appropriate benevolence help to persons in need in our community.  

Caregivers Clothes Closet: operates our church clothes closet on Monday mornings during benevolence intake.

Christmas Toy Shop: plans and provides an annual toy shop for the working poor in our community. 

Community Garden: plants and maintains seasonal vegetable garden to be given to local food pantries. 

Dorcas Ministry: knits baby items, cancer caps, and prayer shawls for those that need love and warmth. 

Emergency Response:  prepares for and provides appropriate responses should we experience a local disaster.  

Food Pantry: serves at the Five Loaves and Two Fish Food Pantry on the 1st Saturday of each month. 

Grace 127: provides foster care items for families and children placed in foster care. 

Levite Home Helpers: provides handicapped ramps and other services to the elderly in our church and community.  

LifeSong Ministries: assists women transitioning into the workforce through job and computer skills training.

Scouting: supports the scouting outreach of our church through cub scouts, boy scouts, and girl scouts.  

Spalding Samaritans: serves as intake counselors during the 1st and 3rd Tuesday intake, providing utility assistance.  

Women on Mission: provides education on mission partners and mobilizes women in the church for mission-related opportunities.

Worship Teams (1-Year Term)

Baptism: assists baptismal candidates as they prepare for and participate in baptismal services.  

Common Grounds Coffeehouse: staffs the Common Grounds Coffeehouse on Sunday mornings as a gathering space for fellowship and connection. 

Communion Preparation: prepares the equipment and elements for all communion services. 

Creative Arts: provides creative leadership support to the Connexion service ministry.  

Flower: provides floral and other seasonal enhancements in the sanctuary and other worship areas.  

Greeting (Celebration and Connexion): provides worship greeters at the beginning of worship services services.  

*Parking: shuttles worshipers between parking lots and worship areas on Sundays. (2023: This team is currently in the midst of reimagining and revamping its focus.) 

*Prayer: encourages the church to engage in prayer activities, and provides prayer intercessors at all worship services. (2023:

Ushering (Celebration and Connexion): receives the offering during the morning worship services.

Welcome Host: Staffs the “welcome desk” and serves as “host” on Sunday mornings.

Worship Child Care: provides the volunteer workers for preschool worship care for worship services. 

Worship Technology Services (Celebration and Connexion): operates sound, lighting, video, TV and radio equipment during the worship services.   


Special Note

Certain committees and councils have been left off this list because service on these committees is by nomination from the Nominating Committee or by invitation from the chair of the committee. Membership of the church is also required by some of these special committees and councils.