Dear friends,

 I know some of you have been in contact with Peggy, and we wanted to be sure each of you had the latest update regarding our plans for the Myrtle Beach and Cotton Patch Gospel trips. As you can imagine, neither we nor the respective locations we planned to visit feel safe with our original plans during a global pandemic. The theaters and hotels have taken a proactive stance toward all their events and guests.

 While we do not have rescheduled dates for either Myrtle Beach or the Cotton Patch Gospel, both will be rescheduled.

 We have some discretion as to when our Myrtle Beach trip will be once travel is safe again. The travel company and agent Peggy works with for that trip has assured us that our current contract will be honored, regardless of the timing of our future trip.

 The Theatrical Outfit will reschedule the Cotton Patch Gospel, and our tickets originally for May 16 will be honored. We still have a limited number of tickets available if you know of others who would like to join us once we know the new date.

 In the past, our practice has been for folks who are unable to participate after signing up and paying to secure their own substitute. Given the extraordinary nature of these days, if you all are unable to go when the trip is rescheduled or should change your mind, we will refund your money in full. Should that happen, we would certainly appreciate any effort on your part to find someone to take your place.

 I am sad with you that these adventures must be put on hold. Each of you remain in my prayers, and I do hope you will let me know how you are and if there are particular needs, especially groceries or medicines, that you have. I look forward to the day when I am able to write and share our new dates and even more so to our future outings themselves. Until then, I hope you remain well in body, mind, and spirit.


May the Lord bless and keep you all until we meet again,