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The focus: extend Hope & Hospitality to the multitudes

Week of Prayer

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (Global Mission)

A network of individuals and churches who work together to extend hope in a hurting world

International Mission Board (Lottie Moon)

175 years of reaching those in need around the world with the Gospel

December 13-19, 2020


Week of Prayer for International Missions

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2  

'Tis the Season to Give

To say, “We live in difficult times” is an understatement. However, in spite of the many challenges of 2020, we need to be aware that many of God’s children are in need, and we are called to be of help as we can. We at FBC support two offerings that go around the world to help with the work being done by our field personnel who share the Gospel and aid where there are significant needs. Covid-19 has had a terrific impact for those serving people who were already marginalized.



How do I give?

Each December we are encouraged to give to global missions. Those who contribute to First Baptist Church’s budget receive envelopes for this purpose, or gifts may be mailed to P.O. Box 908, Griffin, GA 30224. You may also contribute through FBC’s online giving portal. For four weeks we will highlight work done by CBF and IMB. We covet your prayers and hope you will support one or both of these endeavors.

Our Support of CBF

The theme of this year’s global missions offering for CBF is “Extending Hope and Hospitality.” This effort has never been more important. Just as our church in recent months has had to change the ways in which we meet, worship, and do missions—so have our field personnel in the ways that they minister to those whom they serve. 100% of the money given goes to support field personnel so they do not have to spend valuable time raising their own support. One of the recipients is our own Missy Ward-Angalla, who serves in Uganda. Their refugee center has been seriously impacted by the circumstances of 2020, but they continue to offer hope and hospitality to refugees.

When you support the offering for Global Mission, you help plant new churches and offer the hope of Christ to people who have often never heard the Gospel. Many find hope, shelter, training, and safety through such ministries. Many thrive under the environment of hope and hospitality these ministries provide.


"I saw a great multitude standing before the throne..."

Revelation 7:9

Our Support of IMB

One of those highlighted is Kristen Lowry, who works with Eunice Murage in their children’s shelter to rescue boys from the streets of Navasha, Kenya. These boys receive counseling, learn skills, and catch up on missing parts of their education. They take responsibility for chores and ultimately experience God’s love in a safe environment. Most of those served had been just living on the streets with no home and no guidance. Many experience rehabilitation and restoration and go on to live productive lives.

To help in this type of outreach, and many more such efforts around the world, we hope you both pray for and give financial gifts to these December offerings.

Hospitality begins with you

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

This year’s CBF Global Missions Offering enables us to extend lasting hope and loving hospitality in very real ways to refugees, to people living in poverty, and to marginalized families and children around the world.

Jesus himself was once a refugee. When there was war and unrest, God led Mary and Joseph to take him and flee to Egypt. God does expect us to love the stranger who comes to a strange land. This is written all over our Bibles.

Your giving to this offering helps support the ministry of Gary and Janie Angel for Syrian refugees in Antwerp, Belgium. This is a life-changing ministry for many who have never heard of Christ and need both hope and hospitality. One refugee served there stated that she had no food, no cooking oil, and was miserable until she found the Angels. Schools had closed, there was death everywhere until the center became her salvation. The Good News looks like freedom to the people who flee from the Middle East and North Africa.

This story could be found all around our world as CBF reaches out to those in need.

Charles and Shannon Worthy recognize the importance of investing in relationships in the Italian culture. For more than 17 years they have invested their lives and ministry in Italy as IMB missionaries. They push back the darkness for many and bring the light of the gospel to Italy.

We have been encouraged to pray for and give a financial gift to help those who are our hands and feet to reach others for Christ and offer a cup of cold water around the world. As many of us give gifts to loved ones and friends through the Christmas season, may we also include gifts for CBF and IMB so that all the world may know the love of Christ.

May FBC Griffin be found faithful in the midst of trying times, to support with prayer and gifts the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global Missions Offering and the International Mission Board (Lottie Moon) Offering so that others may be our hands and feet in places where we are unable to go.