Dear Church Family,

Thank you for such a wonderful experience this past weekend. Your hospitality and welcome were overwhelming. As I said on Sunday, we have felt a kinship with First Baptist Griffin from the beginning, recognizing “our people” among the congregation. I might say that our experience could be summed up by a line from that great prophet of the church, Sister Sledge, who said, “We are family . . . all my brothers, sisters, and me.” Truly you have made us feel like a part of the family.

On a more serious note, I firmly meant what I said about what drew us to FBC Griffin: there is a deep tradition of faithfulness here of which we want to be a part. I feel that my ministry here will be “standing on the shoulders of giants,” (to steal a phrase from Sir Isaac Newton). I am glad to be given a chance to play my part.

Therefore, it is with great humility and joy that I accept your call to serve as Associate Pastor. We anticipate greatly the work God is going to do through our partnership in the Gospel. Pray for us as we make the necessary transitions to the Griffin area. Thank you, sincerely, for the opportunity to minister alongside you, with you, and to you in the days ahead.

Grace and Peace,

Steven Norris