Look! It’s a guitar…no…it’s a banjo…no. Wait — those are ukuleles! FBC has a troupe of them and they are on tour this summer! In fact, they are on a mission to get toes tapping and faces grinning with familiar tunes. Stops on their tour have included entertaining our own XYZ group, as well as audiences at First United Methodist Church and The Woods. They will also be performing for residents at Griffin Manor and Brightmoor.

Excerpt from the performance at The Woods, June 2021

Pictured in back row, left to right: Mandy Reynolds, Mamre Perin, Seth Brown, Tony Tweedell, Matthew McCartney, Debby Stikes, Ellee Hilley, Erin Clarke, Janet Hale; Pictured seated in front row, left to right: Chuck Hart, Nita Ellis, Stephen Brehaut, Caroline Foster

Pictured in back row, left to right: Nita Ellis, Mandy Reynolds, Debby Stikes, Chuck Hart, Ellee Hilley, Seth Brown, Matthew McCartney; Pictured in front row, left to right: Donna Harpe, Cathy Gore, Erin Clarke, Janet Hale