Each December, First Baptist Church encourages its members to give to special offerings dedicated to World Missions. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Lottie Moon Offerings extend our outreach around a world which desperately needs Christ.

The offering for Global Missions provides for the long-term presence of CBF Global Missions field personnel. This year’s theme is “A Place at the Table for Everyone.” One of those who provides a place at the table is our own partnership with Missy Ward Angalla in Africa (where we sent a mission team this past summer). More than 50 personnel in 18 countries cultivate beloved community where they bear witness to Jesus Christ and see transformational development as they invite one and all to the table. 100% of your gift to the offering for Global Missions will support the presence of CBF field personnel serving in the US and around the world. Offerings to CBF or Lottie Moon may be done online, in person, or mailed to: FBC, P.O. Box 908, Griffin, GA 30224. Thank you for choosing to support these missions this year.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (Global Mission) Offering

The theme of this year’s global missions offering is A Place at the Table for Everyone. We encourage you to visit their page called Prayers for the People to learn more about how to pray for CBF missionaries and those touched by their work.

As we continue to learn of the work of CBF on the international stage, it is important to hear these words from Mike, who is serving in Southeast Asia. “CBF’s commitment to a long-term presence really makes a great impact on how effectively we work and serve in this community. To learn the language takes time. To learn the culture takes time. To develop relationships takes time. And in a community where the people are afraid to be direct, it takes time to develop deep relationships of trust, where they can tell us, “This is really what we need. This is how we really need you to serve.”

CBF personnel (whom you’re offering would support) encourage us to pray for them as well as give. They especially ask for prayers as they help meet the needs of families living in extreme poverty, those neglected by society, those rescued from at-risk situations such as human trafficking, and those who have been forced to flee their own countries due to violence and persecution.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is another way to share Christ with the world this season. This offering supports health care missions. These offerings open doors to people around the globe. We know many are in need of physical healing, but they also need spiritual healing that can only come from the Father. 

Because of health care missions, the lost were reached in North Africa. Despite government guards keeping a close eye on these clinics, people hear the gospel of Christ. This happens in spite of these often being hostile to the truth.

IMB missionaries Patrick and Anne Stein are present in North Africa and hundreds of people are responding to these clinics. Their physical pains are healed and spiritual questions are answered. Share in the joy of spreading the gospel through either or both Christmas Offerings.

Another example of the Lottie Moon Offering is the work of Hector Cabera. He is a global missionary partner from Cuba serving among refugees in Uganda. He’s been invaluable in reaching youth in the refugee camps. He is intentionally discipling a group of youth, and he uses his love of sports to build relationships with others and share the hope he has in Christ. The IMB is thankful for the blossoming partnership with Hector’s sending agency, Cuba to the Nations. By working with global missionary partners Southern Baptists can truly work toward the goal of reaching nations together. Christmas brings joy to many.


May our gifts to the CBF Global Mission Offering and to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering bring the joy of Christ around the world as people are helped and reached for Christ.