How many times have we said it? “I just want to get back to normal.” We are tired. Pandemic weary. Hungry for community. Hungry for some sense of the familiar.

Tim Schenk, a Boston-based pastor, started out a recent article with this observation: “One of the unfortunate realities of pandemic ministry is that church leaders have, by necessity, spent too much time scrambling and not enough time reflecting.”

In our rush to get back to “business as usual” we run the risk of missing the lesson that God has been trying to teach us through this experience. We need to slow down and ask ourselves some difficult questions about what the past twelve months has revealed to us about our ministry and the direction of church ministry in the future.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday night throughout the month of May as we ask ourselves, “What does it mean to be the Church on the other side of this pandemic?” We want to ask some very pointed questions and take time to truly listen to one another so that we do not miss the growth opportunity that this moment is bringing.

This series of meeting is a part of First Baptist Church’s “Six Months of Intentional Discernment.” These conversations will be facilitated by senior pastor, Steven Norris and will be held at 6:00 pm in the sanctuary.