Your regular budgetary offering (also known as your tithe) supports so many valuable ministries across our church. One of those ministries is Adult Missions. While most of the funds allocated for Adult Missions goes to send members to the mission field locally, domestically, or internationally, occasionally we have requests from individuals affiliated with our church who also request help for mission work. Over the past five and half years, our church has helped individuals accomplish some really exciting ministry work, including these projects:

  • Ministry to the Harkleroads (members of our church and our mission partners in Rwanda), ministry to Amani Sasa (our ministry partners in Uganda);
  • Funding for LifeSong Ministries, which invests in local women re-establishing themselves into the community after surviving a crisis;
  • Mission work done by Gavin Duncan (this year and prior years) and Adam Pugh;
  • Mission trip to Kenya in 2018;
  • Mission trip to North Carolina in 2018;
  • Mission trip to Nicaragua;
  • Mission trip to Mississippi.

As you prayerfully consider your the gifts you give to the Lord through First Baptist Griffin, remember that every dollar you share does its part to minister to individuals in our church, in our community, in our state, in our country, and across the world.