Each September, our church emphasizes mission efforts in our own state, which is becoming more of a mission field.

We encourage giving to the Georgia CBF State offering and / or the Georgia Baptist Mission offering. All money stays here in Georgia to spread God’s Word. 

Half of the money given to the Georgia CBF offering this year will go to support Nathan and Carrie Dean, who are planting Blue Mountain Church in Blairsville, GA. We are their mission partners.

We hope you plan to be a supporter of all we do in our own state.

Mission Georgia Emphasis Month encourages our prayers and our giving in order to bring transformation and hope to the many issues that are evident thorughout our state. 

1. One of the areas of emphasis is human trafficking. It is happening in every county in Georgia. The Tiny Home Project, sponsored by Mission Georgia, provides homes for the victims of this abuse so that they may begin new lives of redemption. 

2. A second area of interest is foster care. Many children arrive at a foster care home with only the clothes on their backs. Mission Georgia works with Called to Care, a support group which supports and provides needed assistance to foster childrena nd their foster parents.

Both Mission Georgia and GA CBF seek to address issues within our own state, our own mission challege.

One of the emphases for this year’s September offering for GA CBF State work is our collegiate ministries throughout our state. It is very important for our college students to be ministered to by our Baptist organizations and a new stronger emphasis is now in place to connect our college students across the state.

Half of the funds given to GA CBF State offering will be dedicated to this endeavor.

In the past, support for two of our mission partners, Missy Ward-Angalla and LaCount and Anna Anderson came from this offering. This support is now covered in the regular GA CBF budget.

May we continue to pray for and support the efforts of our special mission partners, not only through our CBF State offerings, but all year long.

Additional areas served by your offering to Mission Georgia include:

  • Outreach to internationals and refugees. At the present time, many Afghan and Ukrainian refugees are living in Georgia. They need assistance in adjusting to new communities in our state.
  • Many Georgia students have fallen behind in reading, espeically since Covid. To fall behind in reading can cripple an individual for life. Mission Georgia supports a program called read Georgia, which is helping address this deficit.
  • Pre-and-post natal care are needed in many situations. Georgia is number 2 in the nation in maternal mortality. Our state is number 8 in infant mortality. Mission Georgia supports such programs as Restoration Women, which address how to help lower these statistics.

Our church is encouraged this month to give both prayers and financial assistance by supporting the GA CBF and Mission Georgia State Offerings.


Life transformation is the ultimate goal of Mission Georgia. — Lorna Bius