When you contribute to the regular budget at FBC Griffin, you are supporting vital ministries that impact both our church and our local community. One such ministry is the Levite Ministry, which provides help with small household repair and building projects for members and others in need in our community, including churches and other organizations. Throughout the winter and spring of 2023, the Levite Team assisted with disaster response and repairs, installation of handrails and handicap ramps, accessibility features in the church, and more. 

One special project the Levite Ministry took on involved repairing extensive damage to a home owned by FBC’s own Robert Wyche. Through the work of this ministry, donations from our church family, and with support from FEMA, Robert’s home received a new roof and a new shed—both of which had been destroyed by one of the tornados that struck Griffin in January.

This team works diligently behind the scenes making needed improvements that ultimately make our facilities an even more inviting place for all. When staff need assistance with the facilities, you’ll generally fine members of the Levite Team helping them out.

If you have ever wondered how some of the repairs are kept up on a church building that has been around for so long, the answer is that these dedicated individuals give of their time to ensure that the necessary work gets done.

Members of the Levite Team also post the crosses for Lent each year.

If you would like to know more about the Levite Ministry, or better yet, if you would like to join this team, please contact Bob Long.