A “Your Giving in Action” Feature

In the heart of our vibrant church community, there exists a tapestry of ministries woven together by a common thread of fellowship and genuine hospitality. Your regular contribution to our budget (your tithe) helps support those ministries dedicated to providing refreshments, fostering connections between people, and affording precious shared moments of joy.

Wednesday nights, for example, are more than just a midweek gathering; they become a time of shared meals and camaraderie.  This meal is prepared by Chef Carmen Neel and served weekly by a dedicated team led by Diane Lamb. The aroma of a home-cooked meal permeates the air as you approach Morgan Hall and only enhances the feeling of warmth and welcome. These meals become not just sustenance but a communal experience wherein the breaking of bread together helps forge bonds that extend beyond the church walls.

Special events are elevated by culinary delights, as well. From festive events like the Fall Festival  to solemn occasions of bereavement, the addition of a meal becomes a ministry of hospitality to all who attend, and it resonates in our church community long after the event has passed.

Your budget contribution also makes another haven for connection possible. Every Sunday morning, the Common Grounds Coffeehouse (in the Family Life Center) buzzes with activity and conversations as the comforting scent of freshly brewed coffee hovers in the air.  In this special place, friendships are kindled, and the sense of belonging deepens. Impressions are made as guests are welcomed by volunteers who embody this community of grace. It’s more than just a place to grab a cup; it’s a space where fellowship thrives.

Just on the other side of the building, near the Welcome Center, a simple yet necessary post awaits those heading off to Sunday school: the “Grand Central” coffee station. Here, classmates grab a warm cup of tea or coffee on their way to lessons or volunteer service. It’s a welcoming beacon – an embodiment of true hospitality — inviting individuals to pause, sip, and engage in conversations briefly.

Refreshments, then, afford us more than just physical nourishment. When you support our regular budget, you are contributing to more than culinary endeavors — you are supporting our church’s sense of community and our outreach to newcomers. Through shared meals, warm coffee, and welcoming spaces, individuals truly come to know one another. In these moments of connection, the essence of our church’s hospitality comes to life, reminding us that we are not just a congregation but a family.