Go ahead. Play out the scenario…wouldn’t your own gym help you realize those new year’s goals? Wouldn’t having a fully equipped weight room be really amazing? Now snap back into reality. 

Your house DOES have a gym and a fully equipped weight room. Your church IS your house and the FBC Re-Creation Ministry is supported by your tithes and offerings as part of our regular budget. 

Re-Creation is all things recreational around the Church—everything from the workout room and basketball gym to “Camping and Glamping.” 

Over the years, Re-Creation has funded FBC Softball teams that played in Spalding County’s Parks and Recreation Church leagues. It has hosted basketball and volleyball leagues and has also served as a pickle ball court. 

With our church’s improved access control system (“fob” access now available through an app on our phones), we can truly see who is utilizing our facilities to Re-Create. Our ministry would like to see more organized and member-initiated activities to serve as outreach to our community in these incredible spaces. 

Currently, we are being good neighbors by allowing certain school sports teams and personalized trainers to utilize our gym. Many FBC members train with Terry Hampton, a personal trainer whose hours you’ll see posted on the calendars in the Family Life Center.

Our Re-Creation leadership includes Chairs, Brad Glass and Marie Knight. Both Brad and Marie have degrees in Recreation and Leisure Studies, which makes them uniquely qualified to represent this ministry! 

Many thanks go to Brad Glass for his assistance in writing this article.

This article was written as part of an ongoing series called Your Giving in Action that features ministries supported by your regular contributions the the FBC budget.