Mission Partners

March is the month in which we focus on mission work that is being done in North America. We support the CBF Global Mission offering and the Annie Armstrong Easter offering for North American Missions.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Global Offering provides living expenses so personnel can use their time and energy to raise funds for their specific work.

North American missionaries depend on your prayers. They are taking the gospel to a region of 366 million people where the spiritual and cultural divides are deep and growing. Only the love of Christ can bring true unity and transformation.

If you would like to help these ministries, you may give online by clicking on the buttons below, or by mailing a check to: First Baptist Church Griffin, P.O. Box 908, Griffin, GA 30224.

Together for Hope

Together for Hope was formed in 2001 as a commitment to the 20 poorest counties in the United States. All of these counties were rural. This was the origins of CBF’s Rural Poverty Initiative, which later became Together for Hope.

Anna & LaCount Anderson, North Carolina

Our church mission council has partnered with Anna and LaCount Anderson in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, who partner with Together for Hope. It is a rural coalition focusing on providing poverty relief. Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty by improving the resources available to families and children. They ask for prayer to have strength and wisdom to meet the challenges of this difficult time in N.C. The major needs met through this ministry include food insecurity and a lack of decent housing.


Annette Ellard & Steve Clark, Kentucky

Annette Ellard and Steve Clark have been serving during the pandemic in the Louisville, Kentucky area. They have encouraged mental health access and emotional health practices along with safety protocols as they minister throughout the pandemic. 


Christopher Mack, Austin TX

Christopher Mack in Austin, Texas expresses gratitude for CBF equipping and coming alongside him as he ministers to minorities in a majority space.

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The Annie Armstrong Offering supports some of the North American Mission Board’s work done in North America. The theme for this year’s Annie Armstrong offering is UNITED. This is based on John 17:11: “that the church would be one as Christ and the Father are one.”
Many NAMB missionaries and their families are investing their lives to advance the gospel.

Michael & Traci Byrd

St. Louis

Michael and Tracy Byrd never expected to return to inner city St. Louis. But armed with the gospel and a good mac and cheese recipe, they are reaching one of the most difficult neighborhoods in the U.S.

Jared & Jennifer Huntley

Washington, D.C.

The military comes with unique challenges that outsiders do not understand. That is why army veterans Jared Huntley and his wife, Jennifer, feel uniquely qualified to reach servicemen and women in Washington, D.C. with the light of Christ.

Itamar Elizalde

Puerto Rico

It’s been crisis after crisis — hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemics, economic crisis — for Puerto Rico, an island in need of hope. Itamar Elizalde helps teams of volunteers bring that hope, both practical and spiritual, to Puerto Ricans in crisis.

Steven & Cindy Martins


Hospitality opens doors to the gospel in the Niagra Region of Canada. Missionaries Steven and Cindy Martins share cups of coffee in an opportunity to build relationships and reach the people there with the Good News.

Brianna McKinney

Denver, Colorado

In Denver, Colorado, the marijuana dispensers and breweries outnumber the churches by the thousands. People are looking for solutions in all the wrong places. Missionary Brianna McKinney is there to tell them about the real answer.

Amer & Vicky Safadi

Cincinnati, OH

Many Arabic-speaking countries are closed to missionaries. When COVID-19 hit, it forced an Arabic-speaking church in Cincinnati to meet online. This opened opportunities for people around the world to hear the gospel in their own heart language from American missionaries, Amer and Vicky Safadi. 
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Week of Prayer: Day 6
Week of Prayer: Day 5
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Your gifts this March make possible work where we are unable to go. May these stories and others inspire us to pray and give for our own country.