FBC Griffin supports a variety of ministries that serve the Griffin community. In the January 23 Mission Council meeting, these ministries reported on their work from the first quarter of 2023. Here’s a brief summary of what your tithes and offerings contribute to the Griffin community.

Abundant Life Soup Kitchen: This ministry provides hot meals Monday through Thursday from noon to about 12:45pm and boxed sandwiches on Fridays for approximately 80 to 120 people daily. They are facing a problem with their ice maker. They are also currently evaluating whether or not to open back up for individuals to have their meals in the facility.

Benevolence: Our ministry has been slightly busier than previously. We see from 3 to 12 people weekly. Sometimes each person asks for clothing for 4 to 5 people. We also receive requests for food, gas vouchers, prescriptions, and ID counseling.

Caregivers Clothes Closet: This ministry assisted 89 individuals between January and March of this year.

Christmas Toy Shop: Members of this team contacted shoppers to check on them after the tornadoes. They called approximately 30 families and spoke to 20 of them personally. Several had significant damage, but they were getting the help they needed. Others came through the storms ok. Many expressed appreciation for our church checking on them.

Community Engagement: 1) Real Men Read at Futral Road Elementary featured Randy Shaw, Monk Williams, Nic Bland, and Seth Brown. The goal of this even was to promote reading among young boys, which is much needed because our county has shown a lower reading level. 2) FBC also participated in the Community Easter Egg Hunt. Although the weather didn’t cooperate, we were still able to work closely with the city and with New Mercy and inspired smiles on many kids’ faces during the wet afternoon. 3) Following the tornados, the school system indicated an urgent need for toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, and brushes for children. Our church responded! One of our members also secured a donation equal to about $900 from Publix for the needed items. The social workers and nurses from the school central office were overwhelmed by our church’s generosity.

Community Garden: The team has replaced all of the garden beds and have planted for spring. Woodall Lumber donated some of the wood for the beds and Scotts donated the garden soil. We have planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, beans, peas, and watermelon. The team is now taking sign ups to help cover the care of the garden during the growing season. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Five Loaves and Two Fish Food Pantry: All is going well at the food pantry. We appreciate FBC for helping with the appreciation banquet given for volunteers during March.

Grace 127: Donations were received throughout the month of March, and the response was overwhelmingly gracious! Six “Gotcha” bags were given to DFCS and the supply cabinets are now full for future needs to be filled!

Levite Team: The Levite Team worked 96 hours between January and March. They constructed a disability ramp (46 hours), provided freeze protection for church members (5 hours), constructed handrails (8 hours), and assisted with tornado cleanup (41 hours).

LifeSong Ministry: This ministry ran a spring session and graduated 3 students on April 20th. Our fall class begins September 11, 2023.

Spalding Samaritans: From January to March, Spalding Samaritans assisted 120 families in need of utility assistance from the Spalding County community. They recently enlisted a third member of FBC to serve in the ministry.