Creative Outreach Opportunities During

Social Distancing

Creative ways that you can connect with others during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In addition to the many ways that our church community is seeking to provide opportunities for connection, we encourage you to use the following suggestions (or come up with some of your own) to connect with your neighbors in creative ways during this season.


Phone Calls

pick up the phone and call somebody you haven’t talked to in awhile. 


Email or Text

A short email or text message checking on friends can go a long way in reminding folks that they are not alone. 


Card Writing or Coloring

A handwritten card or a colored picture would be great in times like this, especially for our homebound members or members in Assisted Living facilities. We would strongly recommend safe practices if you do so. Wash your hands before handling paper. Instead of licking the envelope, use a damp cloth to seal it. (If you don’t have postage, feel free to drop the addressed envelope off at the church, we will mail it. There is a black lock box under the Weekday portico on Poplar St. Drop addressed envelopes there.) Click or tap the link below for free coloring and devotional resources.


Video Calling

Use FaceTime or some kind of video-based messaging service to see others. You may even decide to play a card game like Go Fish over the phone or doing an activity like coloring together. 



Play an online game with a friend.


Make a Video

Make a how to video to teach someone else a skill you have and post it on Facebook or YouTube. 


Spread Some Joy

Put your Christmas lights back up on your house to bring some joy to yourself and neighbors. 


Buy a Gift Card

Buy a gift card to a local restaurant or business. Small businesses are going to hurt the most from this shut down. You could infuse some cash into those stores by purchasing a gift card that you can enjoy later when things settle down a bit. 


Walk and Pray

Go on a walk around your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors as you pass each house.


Host a Social Distancing Party

Host a social-distancing block party. A group of friends that live in a cul-de-sac in North Carolina invited their neighbors to set out camp chairs at the end of their driveways, shared a beverage together, and talked across the street. 

Remember during this time: Social distancing is good. Complete social isolation is bad. We were created for relationships. Therefore, let’s find new and creative ways to be engaged in one another’s lives, even if we can’t necessarily share the same physical space.