Your Offering to CBF Global Missions goes around the world, our gifts go where we are unable to go.

As you consider giving to a world-wide mission offering this Christmas season, there are many stories from from missionaries around the world whose work cannot continue without our prayers and our gifts. In South Korea, Hun Sol believes mission and revival go hand in hand. As he trains students to go out into other parts of Asia and share the Gospel, he hopes the passion they bring back with them will spark a movement back home, too. For months, Venezuelans have been spilling into Columbia by the thousands. They’re desperate for help and hope, and Paul and Robin Finley says it’s an unprecedented open door for the gospel. Acts 1:8 compels us to not only minister in our local area, but around the world. May we be found faithful to that command as our offerings to Lottie Moon and CBF Global reach around the world.

Total Received to date

Lottie Moon – $1,050.75

CBF Global – $3,375.25