The International Mission Board is missionaries around the world could not continue without support through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

One such missionary is Larry Pepper. He has spend the past two decades at the bedside of Africa’s dying souls, patching up their wounds and trying to offer them real hope, the kind only Jesus can bring. The task is a big one. He and his wife are so grateful for the prayer and contributions that allow them to “make a difference.” Their medical ministry has opened doors to disciple people they meet.

IMB work is spreading to many hard-to-reach places in the world. One place is the UkraineĀ  where IMB Missionary, Russell Woodbridge is helping Ukranian believers learn how to plant churches. Together they have an amazing opportunity to offer hope to people from Eastern Ukraine who lost everything when they fled the war there in recent years.

Please support the International work of IMB and CBF with your Christmas Offering.

Total Goal: $12,500

Collected to Date: Lottie Moon – $265

CBF Global – $290

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