A mission team left from First Baptist Griffin on May 27, 2022, en route to Africa. They spent one week in Rwanda and one week in Uganda before returning on June 12. This video shares their story. Mission team members were Steven Norris, Michelle Norris, Jeremiah Norris, Elijah Norris, Chris Jones, Becky Owen, Olivia Owen, Ava Kate Owen, and Jean Moore.


Kangondo Community Ministry


Many families in the Kangondo Community (located in Rwanda where the Harkleroad family serves with Willing to Go) do not have the $108 required to send their young children to school for one year because they make less than $1 a day.

The Harkelroad family is involved with a special soccer ministry that invites children and young adults from the slums of Kangondo to join their soccer team. While at practice, they hear the Word of God, learn valuable skills, and are welcomed by of a loving community of believers.

This critical ministry could use your support. $20 a year buys soccer cleats for a child. Currently, the ministry has only 8 worn-out soccer balls for 85 kids. Your gift of $280 gets four new rugged soccer balls for the team for the year. Just a $10 gift buys an individual child a soccer ball 

We invite you to consider these and any of the other needs listed below as opportunities to minister directly to children and families through our mission partners in Africa. For more information on how to become involved, contact our church office or email us.

If you would like to donate to this ministry and receive a tax deduction, we invite you to send a check or money order directly to the Harkelroad family at Willing to Go at P.O. Box 36, Rock Spring, GA 30739-0036. Specify Account #H001 on your donation, and include that you are contributing to the Kangondo ministry. Please note if you are making a contribution designated for a certain item on the table below.


Summary of Ministry Costs 

Kangondo Community Description One-Time Cost Per Year Cost
  1 child’s school fees $36 $108
  Soccer cleats $20 $20
  School supplies $10 $30
  Rugged soccer ball $70 $280
  Individual soccer ball $10 $10
  Health insurance per family member $4 $4
  Social worker’s salary $120 $1,440
  “Sponsorship” of one child $30 $360
  Bananas to feed 85 kids $9 (for one week) $468
Education Needs Adult Education High School $70 $210
  Partial University Scholarship $170 $510
  Tubasange Mission School: one student $50 $600
Uganda Bathroom made from plastic bottles $1,200 $1,200
Travel Checked luggage per person from USA $200 $1,200
Bible Study Materials Small group, per person $10 $30
  Xplore Bible Study, per book $2.80 $2.80
  Xplore Bible Study, per 100 books $280 $280
  Bible $3 $3
  Bibles, per 100 copies $300 $300
Unemployment Per person $50 $600