As we continue to explore the theme “Rooted,” we want to hear your stories of the beliefs that ground you, as well as the experiences and relationships that nurtured those beliefs.

Through the end of August, we invite you to reflect on what you believe:

  • What do you believe about grace and what it means for us to be “a community of grace”?
  • What do you believe about God’s love and God’s family? What does it mean to be loved and know “there’s nothing you can do about it”?
  • What worship and prayer practices ground you, keep you rooted or calling you back in times of doubt and struggle?

As you write out your thoughts or talk through your beliefs with a minister or trusted friend, prayerfully consider what stories God might be calling you to share with First Baptist Griffin. Write out that story, considering the following:

  • State a specific belief in 1-2 sentences.
  • Make your story personal and include stories about what shaped the specific belief.
  • We’re looking for 500-600 words, about 3 minutes when read aloud.
  • If you process better by talking, contact a minister. We’re happy to have a conversation and hear your story!

We do plan to share these stories with our church family as a way of learning more about one another, of exploring the beliefs we hold in common and our nuances of difference, and of growing together from these roots. We want to hear your stories first before planning exactly how to share them, but know that we will follow up and ask your permission before sharing any submitted stories.

To share what you’ve written, make plans for a conversation, or ask questions about “From These Roots,” contact Sarah Murray at