We have chairs! We are excited to announce that the new upholstered chairs for Morgan Hall have arrived. For now, they are stored in the closet (see picture below). We will be unpacking those after the Rotary meeting on Thursday and will be able to enjoy them for the first time this coming Sunday (April 14). Also on Sunday, the main entrance to Family Life Center will be fully functional and the flow of traffic can resume as normal. We are still awaiting the final cabinetry work, but that should not interfere with the normal flow of traffic. The FOB reader has been moved back to the front door and should be fully functional throughout the week. In addition, the restrooms are fully operational and open again throughout the building. Since the entrance to the restrooms have been modified and we have not installed the final signage, please take note of the temporary signs to avoid any embarrassing situations. (Our younger members may also need a little extra help navigating and reading signs as we adjust to the new set-up.)

The two televisions have been installed in the Welcome Desk area and are fully functional. We will begin using this on Sunday mornings in the near future. The new drink machine in the coffee house is also stocked and ready for use. Feel free to take advantage on Sundays or throughout the week as you may be around the FLC working out or for other reasons. We are thankful for your patience and support throughout this process and anticipate the exciting things God is going to do here at FBC Griffin!