During this season of Easter, we want to take every opportunity to shine a spotlight on the places that we see God at work in our community. In the midst of a constant flood of bad news, we want to highlight some ways that you are being the hands and feet of Christ in unique and creative ways. We want to celebrate the signs of resurrection, hope, and new life that God is showing us, if we just open our eyes to see it.

In the video below, the ministers get us started by highlighting a few of the ways that they see resurrection and new life emerging in our community. They may not be dramatic stories of transformation, but they are no less miraculous. We need your help, however. We need you to be our eyes and ears – on the lookout for Easter joy, Easter surprises, and Easter life. As you witness examples of resurrection and life among us, we are asking you to give testimony to that by sharing those stories with the staff.

Please send us your stories to us by email, text, phone, or on social media. We want to take every opportunity to celebrate the movement of God in our midst this Easter.