Your Sunday school teacher rushes into the workroom twenty minutes before class to print your handout for the lesson he spent several hours finessing last night. Thankfully, the copier is working and is loaded with paper.

     Meanwhile, the Common Grounds Coffeehouse team is already prepared for another busy morning of service to guests and members entering for worship. They have checked their supply closet and found the products they needed to deliver you a delicious bowl of grits and a strong cup of coffee.

     A church member calls the office midweek desperate with grief and finds a loving voice on the other end of the call ready to step in and help.

     A ministry team is gearing up for their next big focus, and they need to get the word out. Fortunately, they have many avenues available to communicate their project — the website, the E-Vision (email), the Page, the app, posters, and bulletins.

     Wednesday night activities are about to start up and those in charge of hospitality have come to the office for the register to record and receive payments for the fellowship meal. They pick up their spreadsheet that was generated by the church office, the cash box that was put in order by the church office, and get ready to greet you as you come in.

     These illustrations are merely glimpses into the work that goes on behind the scenes to enable you to focus on spiritual disciplines rather than physical needs when you come to church. Your regular giving to the monthly budget enables the Administrative Support team at FBC to purchase and organize supplies that you need, whether for ministry areas, the facilities, or properties, so you won’t be stuck looking for essential items to conduct your activities at the church. Administrative Support receives and routes phone calls, sets up events, keeps track of expenses, publicizes information, troubleshoots technology problems, assists with security, restocks supplies, and so much more.