Sing with the Sanctuary Choir on Christmas Eve

Here’s the Hallelujah Chorus sheet music to download.

Here are practice recordings that have your voice part more prominent than the others.

Soprano–high female

Alto–low female

Tenor–high male

Bass–low male

Why should I sing with the choir on Christmas Eve?

Singing in the choir on Christmas Eve definitely has its advantages. Since we’ll wear robes that evening, you can wear whatever you want under your robe (even that gaudy Christmas sweater your spouse hates)! Also, the choir loft is definitely the BEST place to sit when it comes time to light candles and sing Silent Night. The view is breathtaking! But most importantly, what a wonderful privilege we have to sing one of the greatest pieces of music of all time on one of the most important days in the Christian year.

Is there childcare for this service?

Childcare will be provided starting at 4:30 for children ages 3 and under. Sarah Murray is coordinating childcare workers and reservations are greatly appreciated. You may contact her at or 770-227-5517.