Join Ellee Hilley on a rich Bible Study journey through Advent this year using a study called A Light Shines in the Darkness, written by our FBC friend, Ellen Blake. Break open 12 Advent scripture passages in a deep and powerful way to experience the birth of Christ through unconventional tools like sentence diagramming and color coding—finding the Trinity in each passage and engaging in meditative reflection questions and prayer prompts.
     Ellen Blake invites you “to experience the birth of Christ in a fresh way.”  This study is truly unique and is suitable for all ages! You may choose to do all 12 Bible Studies over 12 days, but it is also possible to extend each Bible Study into 2 days, giving you a deep Bible study over 24 days – just enough for Advent! 
     Books cost $12.84 and may be purchased HERE through November 29th. The study will be available for pick up at the church the week of November 30.