As joyful and full of wonder as Christmas can be, many also carry sorrow in their hearts for moments they can no longer share with loved ones. Join us online December 20 — or anytime the week of Christmas — for this special service that pauses to reflect and remember.

Bramblett Chapel will be open for prayer between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. December 21 through December 24.

Ellee Hilley, our Director of Worship Arts, shares these thoughts.

Hymns have a way of speaking to us in our most joyous moments and have a way of seeping into our hearts in our deepest valleys. Hymns tell the story of God’s love for us, and I find that when I sit with a hymn text, the words speak to me even without the music accompanying the lyrics. In my moments alone, I reach for my acoustic guitar, my hymnal, and I create space for worship. Robert Morgan has a three-volume set of hymn lyrics and an accompanying devotional or background story to the hymn. Reading these allow us to see the lives and hearts of those who have written hymns that we sing. I particularly like Volume 3 of the collection, “Then Sings My Soul”, as it tells the story behind the hymn “It is Well With My Soul”. “

Sarah Murray, our Minister to Families with Children, shares these resources.

All the Colors of Christmas by Matthew Paul TurnerAlthough this book celebrates many aspects of the season, these lines give children an understanding that Advent and Christmas have room for all of their feelings: “It’s memories, old and new, of loved ones gone too soon. It’s an Elvis song and nights growing long. Yes, Christmas is blue.

The Invisible String by Patrice KarstThis is not a seasonal book but a great conversation starter for children coping with grief, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or the loss of something important to them.

Waiting Songs by Rain for RootsRain for Roots, whose members include Sandra McCracken, offers this Advent album for children. Many of the songs are original and range from minor tones of longing to the upbeat sounds of excitement as Christmas draws near.