Each September we support the two state mission offerings which serve our state and its many needs
The CBF/GA mission offering helps support missionaries with Georgia ties.  The Andersons in North Carolina and Missy Ward- Angalla in Africa receive such support.  They are our mission partners at FBC.  The offering also supports youth interns during the summer and we have benefited from this.  CBF/GA also supports financially special mission projects developed by local churches.  Our Grace 127 project has received a grant from this program
The Georgia Baptist Mission Offering has the theme “You can make a difference”.  Its 5 areas of focus are :
1.  Foster Care and Adoptions
2.  Human Traffiking
3.  Childhood Literacy
4.  Pre and Post natal Care
5.  Refugees and Internationals
Gifts to one or both offerings continued through October. 
Given as of November 1: 
Georgia Baptist State Missions – $350.00
CBF State Missions – $1,030.00