Over the past weekend, Ron Murray—our Minister of Pastoral Care—paid a visit to a church member in hospice care. They had a wonderful conversation and prayer time. Before he left, Ron gave this friend a care card with Romans 8:38-39 on it. That scripture reminded our friend that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Ron remarked that our friend was grateful for the card and the reminder and held onto it as they parted ways. The next day, Ron received a call that our friend had gone home to meet Jesus face-to-face.

     Pastoral care is a ministry centered around relationships. FBC Griffin takes this ministry very seriously, as we have Deacon-led teams who go out into assisted living homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and funeral homes to meet our congregation in their times of deep need. Caring for others in these moments lives out the example of neighborly love for our community.  This sacred endeavor is fueled by the generosity of those who give to the regular budget. 

     Team members and ministers alike carry not only their own warm greetings when they reach out others, but also tokens of love crafted by the skilled hands of the Dorcas Ministry. These cherished gifts, along with their handwritten notes and hopeful reminders from scripture, serve as beacons of light in moments of darkness.

     Sustaining this ministry requires more than goodwill alone. It demands resources—simple yet vital supplies that bridge the physical distance between hearts. Even the simplest items like FBC cards and  envelope (procured through the regular budget) become a conduit for connection and help us reach those who might otherwise feel forgotten or forsaken.

     Pastoral care is not merely a duty; it is a sacred calling shared by all who will embrace it. In nurturing relationships, we nurture the very soul of our community. Thus, as we extend our hands and hearts, let us remember that pastoral care knows no bounds—it is the collective heartbeat of a congregation driven by compassion and grace.

Your regular giving makes all of these activities possible so YOU and your guests can spend time focusing on your relationship with Jesus. Thank you for supporting the monthly budget at FBC.