At the heart of our church community, your regular contributions to our monthly budget quietly empower our youth. Your steadfast support plays a crucial role in fostering the growth and development of our student ministry, spanning 6th to 12th grades.

     From small group sessions to Sunday morning Bible studies, your generosity provides the essential resources for spiritual growth. Wednesday night worship sessions become a sanctuary for connection, where faith flourishes in the hearts of our adolescents.

     Your support extends beyond our church walls to events like the winter ski retreat and the summer camp, Basecamp. These transformative experiences are made possible by your commitment to our monthly budget.

     Your giving breathes life into the vibrant tapestry of activities that define our student ministry – from heart-to-heart discussions to exciting adventures. Each contribution champions the acquisition of curriculum, the purchase of equipment, and the coverage of chaperon expenses.

     In essence, your regular giving is the invisible hand shaping the trajectory of young lives within our church, fueling the profound impact of our student ministry. As we express gratitude for your ongoing support, let’s revel in the knowledge that, through your generosity, you’re shaping leaders, fostering faith, and creating a future where the light of our community continues to shine.