We are excited to partner with Spalding County to assemble care baskets for first generation college-bound students. Our part in these baskets will be to supply surge protectors, which provide much needed protection for a new student’s devices. As you may know, a surge protector offers a measure of protection against fluctuations in power caused by storms or unexpected disturbances to the power grid. These items are important to college students who often work on projects on their computers for periods of time. If the power surges and they do not have protection against it, they can lose their data but they could also lose their devices if the electrical surge is serious. If you have ever spent several hours finishing up a research project only to lose it at the last moment, then you will appreciate what a gift a surge protector could be!

If you would like to participate, please bring your donation to the Welcome Center to drop in the designated box anytime during the month of March. If you have questions, please contact Sandra Long.