Women’s Ministry at FBC

      Ministries often develop around essential needs. When you encounter one focused intently on a specific group of people, then, you may wonder what the underlying need is. In what way, for example, does a Women’s Ministry address an essential need? 

     The Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Griffin facilitates and enriches the community it serves by leaning into its foundational scripture, Acts 2:42. In that passage, we read that “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer.” Four key elements derived from this passage undergird the many activities fostered by the Women’s Ministry each year. Women assemble at FBC Griffin because they can participate in the study of scripture, in act of prayer, in the breaking of bread together, and in gathering for fellowship.

     Lasting and meaningful friendships result from shared experiences like those fostered by the Women’s Ministry, which is precisely the reason the Women’s Ministry hosts an annual retreat at Callaway Gardens in October and an annual Advent by Candlelight experience at the beginning of the Advent season. This ministry also supports various Wednesday night small groups designated for women, and it has hosted a spring “Day in the Psalms” mini retreat. Each Sunday (with few exceptions), you will find a dedicated group of women gathering at the sanctuary altar at 6:00 p.m. to lift their voices to heaven individually and in unison on behalf of others. Throughout the year, the Women’s Ministry also hosts fellowships for ladies.

     These activities afford women the opportunity to invest in the lives of other women who are taking steps to improve their lives, whether that be through study leading to spiritual growth, to service where they are meeting physical needs, through the offering of encouragement, or by providing prayer support to others. Some of the ladies who have been the benefactors of service projects conducted by the Women’s Ministry include those participating in the LifeSong Ministry. 

     What then, is the essential need that the Women’s Ministry meets? Community. The ladies who participate in the Women’s Ministry find and share community that both supports their own needs and reaches out to others in need. When you support the regular budget at First Baptist, you are supporting this vital ministry, where leaders and participants both are living into their calling to grow spiritually and to serve others unselfishly. You are supporting an essential need of women at our church.