Get ready to reminisce with us because we’re taking a trip down memory lane! Join us Friday night, August 27th in the coffeehouse for our early contemporary Christian music theme. This includes the era of Michael W. Smith, Rich Mullins, Sandi Patti, Keith Green, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, and others. Music will be performed by the longtime FBC music ensemble, the “Majesty Singers,” and soloists Caroline Foster, Alison Kirkland, Kristin Jones, Erin Clarke, Orietta Russom, and more! Songs such as “Sing Your Praise to the Lord,” “Thy Word,” “Via Dolorosa,” “Friends,” among others, take us back to an era of fond memories and classic songs. Our vocalists will be accompanied by Ellee Hilley and Bob Hayden. Leila will be serving up iced coffee and Italian cream sodas again!

Other coffeehouse dates include September 17th, featuring local concert pianist Kitty Grubbs, and October 29th, when we will feature a special halloween show with the FBC Staff Infection musical group composed of our ministerial staff.