Reception for Watts’s Family

For the last fourteen years, Marty Watts and First Baptist Griffin have shared ministry and life together. In choirs and ensembles of all ages and abilities and  through thoughtfully crafted worship services, Marty helped each of us grow as musicians, worshipers, and Christians. He has helped us imagine new ways to honor all of life’s stages, as with the Service of the Longest Night, has been deliberate in inviting all of God’s children to lead us in worship, and has been consistent in his efforts to help celebrate the very best of our music ministry through a variety of inviting worship experiences during Advent and Lent. Marty is a faithful and gifted colleague, sharing his gifts for administration and communication and making all of us better. We give thanks for the chance to have shared so much of Marty’s life and ministry—welcoming both Karyn and Duncan into our family as the Watts’s grew together.

As you go, know that you all depart with our blessings and best wishes for the next chapter in your journey, and we look forward to hearing and seeing all the work God will do through you at Vestavia Hills!


The deadline for the love offering is Wednesday, April 9 by 4:00 p.m.