Erin Clarke 

One Year Anniversary


This week, we celebrate the one year anniversary of Erin Clarke as our Minister of Music. Erin has been a breath of fresh air for our music ministry and church life. She has brought with her a deep passion for authentic worship, an ardent commitment to discipleship, and a deep desire for collaboration and cooperation to our ministerial team. Her compassion, pastoral care instincts, and genuine love for people have further endeared her to the members of First Baptist and enhanced our pastoral care. She is continuing to dream about ways that we can expand our music ministry and foster fresh expressions of worship among all ages in our congregation and we are excited about what the future holds.


Not only has Erin been a great addition to our ministerial staff, but her husband, Chip, and their three boys, Quinn, Bauer, and Briggs have been joyous additions to our community of grace. If you get a moment this week, please let Erin know just how much you appreciate her and the multitude of ways that she continues to minister to us here at First Baptist.