During Sunday services on September 19, we shared the recommendation from the Deacon Body regarding our Sunday morning worship schedule. This decision was arrived at after a long process of discernment, prayer, feedback, and discussion. We want to be completely transparent about that process, so we put together a video explaining the two-year journey we’ve made to arrive at this decision. That video will be available today on the church website. An email will be sent to the church body as well with a direct link to this video explanation. We recognize that there are those who would prefer to read the information in print. Therefore, we want to make available the attached transcript to ensure that every member has full access to the information.

In summary, after reviewing the congregational feedback, the current needs of our church, and the values that are a core part of our identity, the deacons of FBC Griffin recommend that we maintain the schedule adopted for this interim period: 9:00 Celebration service, 10:15 Sunday school, 11:15 Connexion. We believe that this best reflects the expressed desires of our congregation and sets us up to make strategic hires to best serve our community for the future. We will have a called church conference on Sunday, October 3, to give the congregation an opportunity to formally affirm this recommendation from the deacons.

For a summary transcript of this video, please CLICK HERE.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Deacon Chair, Bonnie Brown or Senior Pastor, Steven Norris.


The Deacons and Leadership of FBC Griffin