Members of the congregation may nominate candidates for the office of Deacon on Sunday, September 17, during all worship services.  Up to 9 persons may be nominated.  All terms of service will begin January 1, 2018.  Persons who receive five or more nominations and meet the requirements of the Church Constitution and Bylaws (as adopted 2/28/16) will be placed on the ballot and will be voted on at a called conference on Sunday, October 22, during all worship services.   The following is an excerpt from the Bylaws:

Article III, Section A
1. No person shall be elected as a deacon, trustee, or the chief leader of the educational or service organizations who has not been an active member of this Church for at least one year preceding the election.

Article III, Section C
1. Qualifications
Persons male or female, elected to the office of Deacon shall have the qualities of character consistent with the teachings of Acts 6:3-5 and I Timothy 3:8-13. They shall be members of this Church, regular in attendance and supportive of the services of the Church, faithful in the practice of Christian stewardship, cooperative in attitude, and influential in strengthening the witness of the Church.

Printed below is a list of those currently serving as Deacons and should not be included in this nominating procedure:


Bailey, Scott
Baldwin, Pete
Blake, Alice
Blake, Andrew
Blake, Nancy
Bland, Nicholas
Brown, Bonnie
Brown, Steve
Burkhalter, Harry
Bythewood, Len
Chappell, Bobby
Chappell, Linda
Crider, Don
Cummings, John
Cummings, Linda
Davenport, Hoby
Gardner, Tom
Gardner, Gail
Goolsby, Jim
Graddy, Wayne

Hammock, Gail
Harkleroad, Hundley
Hayden, Bob
Hilley, Ellee
Hopkins, Ronnie
Johnston, James
Kierbow, Harry
Kingsley, Gary
Lamb, Dave
Lipscomb, Tom
Long, Bob
Massey, Ronnie
Millican, Jr. Earl
Millican, Evans
Moore, Kenneth
Moore, Paul
Murdock, Walter
Murphy, Tim
Pierce, Rhonda
Prothro, Chuck

Pugh, Adam
Pugh, Jennifer
Scroggins, Bob
Smith, Peggy
Smith, Wayne
Stacy, Sam
Stover, Larry
Sutton, Butch
Walker, Ann
Walker, Henry
Westbury, Jr. James
Whatley, Stuart
Wideman, Brad
Wideman, Kay
Williams, Chubby
Williams, Gloria
Willis, Kim
Young, Bill