The congregation will elect new Deacons Sunday, November 11, in all services.

These members have been nominated.

Alice Blake

Years at FBC: 52

Occupation: Retired

Spouse: Andrew Blake

Positions held: Flower Team Chair, Nursing Home Visitation Team Chair, Historical Collection Library and Cabinet Displays, FBC Endowment Foundation Board Member, Decor Team Member

Sunday School: Chapel


Lloyd Bohannon

Years at FBC: 39

Occupation: Retired Teacher, Athletic Director, and Football Coach

Spouse: Carol Bohannon

Positions held: Celebration Greeter, Counting Team, Scholarship Committee, Security Team Member

Sunday School: Brothers


James Dunaway, Jr. 

Years at FBC: 56

Occupation: Doctor

Spouse: Lynn Dunaway

Positions held: Former Deacon, Finance Committee, FBC Endowment Foundation



Zeke Harvey

Years at FBC : 10

Occupation: Owner of Chapel Mill Trees, LLC

Spouse: Lori Harvey

Positions held: Nominating Committee, Dream Team, Connexion Greeter



Bob Hayden

Years at FBC: 30

Occupation: Chiropractor

Spouse: Diane Hayden

Positions held: Sunday School Teacher, Former Deacon, Current Chair of Scholarship Committee, Church Governance Committee, Sanctuary Choir, Connexion Praise Band


Brad Jester

Years at FBC: 8

Occupation: Instructor at Southern Crescent Tech

Spouse: Liz Jester

Positions held: Sound and TV Tech Team Member, Current Chair of TV Tech Team



Chad Pruitt

Years at FBC: 25

Occupation: Education

Spouse: Alexis Pruitt

Positions held: Properties Committee, Connexion Greeter


Randy Shaw

Years at FBC: 23

Occupation: Sales Rep.

Spouse: Belinda Shaw

Positions held: Former Deacon, FBC Endowment Foundation Chair, Properties Committee, Sanctuary Choir


Kay Wideman

Years at FBC: 7

Occupation: Retired

Spouse: Brad Wideman

Positions held: Sanctuary Choir, Former Deacon, Former Sunday School Teacher 

Sunday School: Copeland


Gloria Williams

Years at FBC: 52

Occupation: Retired

Spouse: Chubby Williams

Positions held: Card Writing Team Chair, Grief Care Team, Assimilation Team, Document Revision Team, Catherine Walker Mission Circle, Vice Chair of Deacons for Ministry, Children’s Committee Member, Scholarship Committee Chair, Children’s Choir Chair, VBS Teacher, Sanctuary Choir


Kim Willis

Years at FBC: 37

Spouse: Pat Willis

Positions held: Sunday School Teacher, Former Deacon, Transportation Team, Personnel Committee, Stewardship Committee