Church Conference

On Sunday, May 3, we will be holding a special called church conference for the purpose of voting on a number of business items that have arisen over the past weeks and months. Below, you will find a description of each of the items that will be up for a vote. We will send a complete packet with instructions on casting your vote as soon as those details are finalized.

Tap or click HERE for the Church Conference Packet.

Item One: Rev. Steven Norris Presented as Candidate for Senior Pastor 

Since our election as your Pastor Search Committee we have committed ourselves to prayerful discernment of the movement of God’s Spirit in our midst. Those prayers have been answered, and now we joyfully and unanimously present to you Reverend Steven T. Norris as candidate for the position of Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Griffin. As Senior Pastor, Steven will oversee the general welfare of the church, including worship, pastoral care, visioning, planning, ministries and the staff. As Senior Pastor, Steven will also continue to be the primary preacher/proclaimer at the Chapel and Connexion services, but with a commitment to preach in the Celebration service on a monthly basis. If elected to this position, Steven would immediately serve as the staff liaison with the appointed search committee to assess the current staffing needs of our church, clarify a plan for addressing those needs, and assist in filling a potential new staff position to best equip us moving forward. 

We believe that Steven’s giftedness and calling will lead us effectively for years to come. He will serve First Baptist Church and the Griffin-Spalding community well as we live into our calling to be instruments of grace. 

Your Pastor Search Committee, 

Alice Blake, Nicholas Bland, Bonnie Brown, Tom Gardner, Brad Glass, Sallianne Hardwick, Brian McCartney, Megan Potter, and Ann Walker

If you do not receive your conference packet and/or the brochure regarding Steven Norris by email or U.S. mail, you may pick them up at the church building. If you have a fob, you can drop by any time and find them on the glass table just inside the Hill Street entrance. If you do not have a fob, call ahead to make sure someone is there to buzz you in.

Item Two: Continuation of Search Committee Process 

If Rev. Steven Norris is elected as Senior Pastor, there will be additional staffing needs that need to be addressed moving forward. The church will vote on whether to approve and authorize the current search committee (listed above) along with the Senior Pastor to continue the process of assessing the needs of the church and presenting a future recommendation to address those needs. This process will involve an inventory of our current resources, receiving input from the larger church body, and formulating a plan to best address the identified needs moving forward.

Item Three: Ordination of Marcia Henry-Day 

Marcia Henry-Day and her family (husband Carson and two children – Joseph and Zoe) have been attending FBC Griffin since October 2018. They joined our church in June 2019. Marcia has been in the process of discerning and pursuing a call to vocational chaplaincy. A native of Jamaica, Marcia has worked for FEMA in disaster relief before completing her Master of Divinity at Regent University in May 2019. She has worked as a volunteer chaplain for Brightmoor Hospice, completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Grady Trauma Center, and is currently a chaplaincy resident at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She has also been deeply involved with members of FBC in the LifeSong ministry, soup kitchen, and other various ministries. 

As Marcia describes her calling, “Serving the broken and downtrodden and my faith community is at the heart of my calling. My experience in serving in the jails, the prison, recovery homes for addicts, hospice and hospitals settings have equipped me to serve where I believe I am called, trained and equipped. My desire is to serve God whole heartedly as I serve my family, this local church, this community and the nations.”

Marcia has met with both the deacon board as well as an ordination council made up of Steven Norris, Sarah Murray, Seth Brown, Bonnie Brown, Gail Hammock, Grady Caldwell, and Jack Landham. Both the ordination council and the deacon board unanimously recommend her to the church for ordination. As one member of the ordination council said, “It is clear that God has gifted and called Marcia to the work of ministry and we celebrate the opportunity to present her to the church to be considered for ordination. 

For more information about Marcia and to view a video about her faith journey, tap or click HERE.


Item Four: Nomination of Board Members for the First Baptist Church Endowment Foundation 

The First Baptist Church Endowment Foundation is seeking nominations to fill two positions that will be vacated at the end of June. According to Foundation bylaws, the nominees should exhibit qualities of good character, sound judgement, and decisive action. They should faithfully support the services and programs of the church with regular attendance, committed stewardship, and a cooperative spirit. The influence of any potential director should strengthen the witness of the church. 

Also, the nominees should be at least 21 years old, be active members of the church for at least one year, and be able to be bonded. Foundation board members serve five (5) year terms which begin on July 1. Ex-Officio board members serve on the Board as long as they remain in their elected office shown above.

The following list comprises the current board members of the Endowment Foundation and are therefore not eligible to be nominated at this time:

Larry Stover (term expires on June 30, 2020)

Randy Shaw (term expires on June 30, 2020)

Scott Bailey 

Alice Blake 

Don Crider 

Jim Dunaway 

Tom Gardner 

John Joiner 

Cheryl Matlock 

C. E. Williams 


Ex-Officio Directors:

Bonnie Brown-Chair of the Deacons

Curtis Hardwick-Church Treasurer

Angela Rooks-Chair of the Finance Committee