We will have a Called Conference in all services on Sunday, October 27th to handle three items of business

Licensing of Ellee Hilley to the Gospel Ministry 

Ellee is a child of First Baptist.   She grew up here and experienced her first taste of ministry as a 13-year-old playing for Youth Choir.  She later felt the pull to explore various ministries within First Baptist.  She also discovered a powerful taste for missions.  And throughout her life, she would be integrally involved in the music ministry.  She felt the stirring of God’s Spirit to be open to ministry in college.  Her ministry would be focused at FBC, Griffin.   Now she has felt the draw to continue her education by enrolling in a school In Jacksonville, which will help her to grow in her understanding of how to lead people to worship more effectively.  About four months ago, she began working integrally with our ministers in the work that affects our entire church.  The Church leadership and the Deacons propose to the Church that she be officially Licensed to the Gospel Ministry.   Licensing is often one step in a process which may lead to full ordination.   Licensing in a Baptist Church is an affirmation by a Church that a person has shown evidence of being called to serve the Church as a minister.  It creates the space for a person to explore God’s call and apply their giftedness to various ministries.   We all celebrate Ellee’s spiritual journey and are excited to see what God chooses to do with her life.   In Conference, there will be a place for you to register your vote as to whether we License Ellee Hilley to the Gospel Ministry. 

Election of Deacons   

12 Deacon candidates have declared their willingness to serve as deacons of FBC at the pleasure of the congregation.   Of these 12 persons, you will need to vote for 9 persons to serve a four-year term.  The candidates are Scott Bailey, Bob Brown, Bonnie Brown, Michael Carruth, Tom Gardner, Curtis Hardwick, Evans Millican, Rhonda Pierce, Jeff Rogers, Bob Scroggins, Peggy Smith, and Brad Wideman. 

Purchase of a van 

We have two vehicles which we use to transport our adults, youth, and children to various retreats and events.  The People Mover is still in good shape.   The old van, however, is no longer reliable.  Recently, our Finance Committee and Deacons approved the purchase of a van to meet our ongoing needs.   Most of the money for the purchase we already have in a designated account for the purchase of such a vehicle.  The remainder of the funds will be taken from designated funds or perhaps some from our cash reserve.    If you are in favor of the church purchasing a replacement van, vote yes on the ballot during our conference.