On Sunday, October 27, FBC Griffin had a called Church Conference at the end of all three morning worship services. This conference was for the purpose of electing new deacons to begin serving in 2020, voting on whether to approve the recommendation of the deacons to license Ellee Hilley to the Gospel ministry, and to approve the purchase of a new van for the church. Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting. The results of that conference are as follows:

The following deacons were elected to begin serving in January of 2020:

1.  Bonnie Brown

2.  Curtis Hardwick

3.  Tom Gardner

4.  Scott Bailey

5.  Rhonda Pierce

6.  Peggy Smith

7.  Bob Scroggins

8.  Brad Wideman

9.  Evans Millican

The church voted overwhelmingly in favor of licensing Ellee Hilley to the Gospel Ministry. She will begin her seminary studies in January and we will recognize Ellee in a future worship service to mark this decision of the church body.

The church voted overwhelmingly to approve the purchase of a new van.