On Sunday, August 30, 2020, we will be conducting a called church conference at FBC Griffin.

The business for this conference is two-fold:

#1. Approve new members of the Nominating Committee

While most of our committees begin their work in January of each year, the nominating committee begins their work in September and are therefore approved in a separate conference. The typical term for serving on the Nominating Committee is three years. In addition to the three expected candidates, we also need to approve three additional positions that have been vacated because those respective members are serving in different capacities in our church leadership. The candidates and length of term are noted below:

Sally Hartman (3 yr. term)

Janet Prothro (3 yr. term)

Randy Shaw (3 yr. term)

Scott Bailey (2 yr. term, replacing Gloria Treadway)

Lloyd Bohannon (2 yr. term, replacing Angela Rooks)

Joyce McCartney (1 yr. term, replacing Bonnie Brown)


#2. Nomination of new Deacons

Each year, we solicit nominations of individuals to serve as deacons at First Baptist. Our deacons serve on a four-year term followed by a one year “inactive” period. In other words, after four years, we want our deacons to rest and enjoy sabbath before coming back on as an active deacon. The following list are NOT eligible for nomination:

Life Deacons: Pete Baldwin, Andrew Blake, Nancy Blake, Steve Brown, Hoby Davenport, Gail Hammock, Ronnie Hopkins, Tom Lipscomb, Ronnie Massey, Earle Milican, Paul Moore, Chuck Prothro, Chubby Williams, Larry Stover, and Bill Young.

Deacons Rotating off Active Status on December 31, 2020: Gail Gardner, Harry Burkhalter, Jim Goolsby, Harry Kierbow, Gary Kingsley, Dave Lamb, Bob Long, Stuart Whatley, Chad Pruitt, Corey Letson.

Active Deacons: Gary Alexander, Sandra Burkhalter, Brenda Goolsby, Diane Hayden, Doug Holberg, John Joiner, Dan McLean, Todd Potter, Alice Blake, Lloyd Bohannon, Jim Dunaway, Bob Hayden, Gloria Williams, Kim Willis, Kay Wideman, Randy Shaw, Curtis Hardwick, Tom Gardner, Evans Milican, Rhonda Pierce, Bob Scroggins, Peggy Smith, Scott Bailey, Brad Wideman, Karen Sutton, Zeke Harvey, Bonnie Brown.


You may nominate up to ten (10) names to serve as active deacons.