On Sunday, August 29, First Baptist Church will meet in conference to act on three issues before the church.

  1. Nomination of New Deacons to begin in January of 2022.

The church will receive nominations from the church body of individuals that you believe to be a good fit for service as deacons of FBC Griffin. Our church By-Laws contain the following description of the qualifications for a deacon.

Persons, male or female, elected to the office of Deacon shall have the qualities of character consistent with the teachings of Acts 6:3-5 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13. They shall be members of this Church at least one year, regular in attendance and supportive of the services of the Church, faithful in the practice of Christian stewardship, cooperative in attitude, mature in faith as demonstrated by awareness of their own spiritual gifts and influential in strengthening the witness of the Church.

The following members currently serve as deacon and are not eligible for nomination at this time:

  • Life Deacons: Pete Baldwin, Andrew Blake, Nancy Blake, Steve Brown, Hoby Davenport, Gail Hammock, Ronnie Hopkins, Tom Lipscomb, Ronnie Massey, Earle Millican, Paul Moore, Chuck Prothro, Larry Stover, C.E. Williams, Bill Young
  • Active Deacons: Nick Bland, Don Crider, Brad Glass, Brad Jester, Butch Sutton, Ann Walker, Kenneth Moore, Scott Bailey, Bonnie Brown, Tom Gardner, Curtis Hardwick, Evans Millican, Rhonda Pierce, Peggy Smith, Alice Blake, Lloyd Bohannon, James Dunaway, Zeke Harvey, Bob Hayden, Randy Shaw, Gloria Williams, Kim Willis
  • Deacons whose term of service ends in 2021: Gary Alexander, Sandra Burkhalter, Brenda Goolsby, Diane Hayden, Doug Hollberg, John Joiner, Dan McLean, Todd Potter, Karen Sutton
  1. Election of New Members to the Nominating Committee.

The following individuals have been nominated to serve on the Nominating Committee beginning in September 2021. Please vote “yes” to affirm the complete list or “no” to reject the list.

Names To Be Announced

YES          NO

  1. Congregational Input on Sunday Morning Schedule

Over the past two months, our deacons have been collecting informal feedback from the congregation regarding our Sunday morning schedule. We want to ensure that all church members have a chance to give input towards the final recommendation. Therefore, we are asking that you fill out a formal written feedback form (see the sample linked below). The deacons will use this feedback to formulate a recommendation to the congregation that will be presented and voted on in September.