What is it?

We are embarking on a journey through Acts early in 2023. Our guide along this path is the New Living Translation Filament Bible Journal: Acts. 

Do I really need the Filament Journal?

You do not have to have the Filament Journal to study along with us. The journal is simply an aid and is tied to online resources that amplify your study. Pastor Steven Norris discusses our use of the journal in the video below.


How do I find the journal?

We have a limited number of copies of the Filament Journal at the church. (We ask that you consider a $5 contribution to help us offset the cost of the book.) Check the Welcome Centers, email us, or ask in the office. You may also purchase your own online through most book retailers.

About Filament Bible App

The journal we are using is tied to an app that can be downloaded for free from your favorite App Store. Look for an icon and description that resembles this picture: 

When you download and install it on your smart device, you will be able to access related commentaries, maps, videos, and even music—in addition to the scripture we are studying. In order to use these resources in connection with our study in the Filament Acts Journal, simply open the app, then aim your smart device’s camera at the page number in the journal. Resources will open inside the app based on that page in the journal.

How are we using it?

Our Sunday messages and our morning prayer time will make reference to Acts during the first part of 2023. We are following a reading plan through the book.

What’s our reading plan?













Are you curious to know more about the S.O.A.P. Method that Pastor Norris will be describing during our study of Acts? Follow this link for more information.